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Want to Make easy money with selling your Art online?

This section is built just for you. By reading all articles you will learn all the different methods that suit your artwork. But we know, you don’t have time for going through all stuff right? Therefore is choose only the method that suits your needs. Selling art online is not so hard like you are thinking, you just need to pick the right tools.


Social networks – good for propagation
– cheap ads
– create backlinks
– support traffic
– takes a long to build fans/followers
– no control and payment
– reaches people without interests in art
– spam and trolls
Online banks
(image, music, etc.)
– mostly for free
– providing payment methods
– no need to build traffic
– lot of competition
– additional fees for the sale
Website / Blog – full control about conversion
– SEO optimization for free traffic
– PPC pay for traffic to boost
– affiliate links for content
– building backlinks and joining the network of artists
– redirect social networks
– email marketing
– need to create valuable content
– learning to create a website (not so hard with World Press)
– time-consuming to optimize
Auctions – big sales make living – not recommended for beginners
– need to build your portfolio and name
– only for superior quality art
Street art – good for practice – a lot of work with low revenue

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What is the Best Method?

It depends on you, but we recommend combining them in the easiest way. If you don’t have time, use just the online banks. When you want to create better passive income create a Web and support it with social networks and online banks. Everything depends on your targets.

Learn the fastest way How to Become an Artist

The previous section describes, how you can become an artist, or even better how to improve your skills. The methods are easy and for everyone so don’t hesitate and visit the Become an Artist.

How long will take to earn first 100$ per day?

Make your targets and you will see. From experience starting to have first conversions in 30 days. Learn how to make a business plan, it is simple when you understand the basics. But let’s start with the Art Marketing guide to have an overview.
Art Marketing Guide

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