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Rap Lessons for Beginners

If you want to enter the world of Rap games, you have a point to begin. Biggie, for example, began his rapping career in the streets of Brooklyn. He rapped to a boom-box and battled with any comers. And that’s how he learned his talent. You probably have similar goals, and you want to be a rapper just like him.  So, write some rhymes and build them into songs.

Getting started with a rap

Getting started with rap is a cool decision you’d ever made in your life. So we’ve agreed that you and Biggie probably have a similar goal. Therefore don’t hesitate to get started and be like him.  The following are ways to get started. Don’t forget that the best way is to ask the professional in Pro Rap Academy.

Listen to your favorite rappers

It is worth identifying the rappers you love, their styles, and those you don’t like. Don’t do this to copy cut, but discover what you loved about the lyrics. This is a part of getting started with rapping.

Create a list of the rap artists you like and learn various things that make you listen to them.  This can be the foundation of the skills you first need in your rapping journey.

Memorize your favorite rap verses

You can now memorize some of the verses or portions of your favorite verses. Get it down well that you can say it off head over and over again. This will stick the mental metronome in your mind.

The perfect way to memorize these verses is to use the YouTube playback. You can set the playback speed to 5. This slows down the lyrics, making your learning easier. Pick a video with lyrics, go through the lyrics repeatedly while speeding up until you get it down.

Develop your rhyme book

Earlier, notepads were the rhyme books that people used to carry around and write down their favorite rhymes. Nowadays, we live in a digital world where rappers have iPads, laptops, and other smart devices. They often use these devices to write down rhymes.

It is also worth using Google Docs or Evernote while starting your rapping journey. This will act as a backup in case you lose your phone.

Writing down these rhymes will help you remember them, especially if you do freestyle rapping.

Rapper guide
Rapper guide, (Image credit: Harry Swales)  

Write how you rap

Back in school, our brains used to be the essay style for our teachers. This applies too when learning how to get started with rap.

We can often freestyle sick flows bit. But it can sound different when we try to write them down. The problem is that what we write is different compared to what we speak. So, try and write the same way you speak. And the best way to achieve this is to use fewer words. Eliminate words that seem not to fit.

Memorize your verses

This is the most annoying part. That’s because when you are done with writing a rap, you’d wish to record and release it. Therefore, I recommend memorizing your lyrics first. This will build confidence in you.

Good timing is the key

Have good timing on a metronome. Hit single bits with stressed syllables. Many people often think that they are good at timing, but their timing is poor.

Drummers recommend good timing, and your voice is similar to drumming. They both have the same time sequence and sounds.

So, try and rap to a metronome on Google. I know it’s more than boring. However, this will help you create the best and the sickest flows.

Practice working backward

This is one of the best rapping tips. Begin with the last line of your bars. Rap ideas are often conveyed in 4 bars ideas section. However, it is adjustable to 2 bars or 8 bars. But in this case, I recommend 4.

So, write down your last line (4th) in the 4 bar section. It doesn’t need to be a punchline, but it can be the message you intend to deliver.    

Rap techniques

You are a young rapper with ultimate goals. You spend your listening to your favorite artist over and over again. Your notebook is full of punchlines. However, the problem is the lack of required punch in your rap to take it to a new level. Don’t be worried about the technique. Here are the best lyrical techniques that experienced rappers use to add flavor to their raps:

Play with words

You’ve been toying with words back then in kindergarten. Words such as bell and bale have different meanings but are pronounced the same way.  Include puns and make your rap line hot!

Rap techniques
Rap techniques, (Image credit: Chase Fade)  


Skilled lyricists often don’t limit themselves when it comes to rhyming words. The vowels are usually part of their toolbox since they’re phonetic rhymes. Similar sounds are part of consonance rhymes linked through non-vowel sounds.

So next time when you listen to your favorite artist, figure out how many consonants and assonant rhymes you can pick. They use the theme most often. And since you want to be like them, you should also use them. 

Expand your rhyme book

Popular rhymes like “metre/litre” or “blind/grind” are nice, but you are now a skilled rapper. Discard your usual rule book in rap. Magic and bandage are words that are acceptable in rhymes. This tip will help you broaden your rhyme vocabulary significantly.

Practice makes perfect      

Don’t get tired of practicing, regardless of your rapping skills. The pros you are seeing out there usually practice, in the fact that they’re Pros. Never get tired. If possible, rehearse your own rap lyrics and use different rap styles and speeds. You can also record yourself rapping to discover where you need to improve. For the best performance and fastest improvement try professional rap academy.

Incorporate rap tips

Incorporating these tips into your rap song will earn you more of “Hoorays” from the crowd.

The bottom line

It’s you to make the next move. If you are an inspiring rapper or want to improve your rapping skill, the above tips to get started and techniques will help you accomplish your vision. At long last, rapping doesn’t have to be challenging. The so-called pros were once like you. 

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