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Painting lessons, (Image credit: Steve Johnson)

The basics lessons will teach you how to start painting the fastest way by using the easiest techniques, or just find the one that suits you best and master it! This guide will help you not only how to start or improve your skills but also gives you advanced tips. We have covered themes like Spray, Pastel, Watercolor. Search in our big collection of tutorials. Subscribe or bookmark this page to come back every time.

Beginners are often afraid they don’t have any talent. But that’s not true, you need just start with these guides and you will progress really quickly.

Search in our collection the free tutorials of how to:

  1. Getting Started with Painting
  2. Brushes and Brushwork Techniques
  3. All about the Colors
  4. Using the Perspective
  5. Understanding Composition
  6. The Best Finishing Techniques
  7. Monetize your Painting Online
  8. The advanced Artist Tips and Tricks

The methods below are for total beginners also for advanced artists.

Start now and check our free tutorials below:

Getting Started with Painting

Getting started with painting
Getting started with painting illustration (Image credit: Bruce mars)

Les starts with the basics and preparation. Don’t underestimate this part, as it will save you a lot of time, money, and effort. The basics cover topics like How to Organize your Workplace and Palette, Choosing the right materials and tools, How to mix different paint consistencies, or even How to tone a Canvas. All are covered in our ultimate free article of Basic Painting Tutorial for Beginners.

Brushes and Brushwork Techniques

Brushes illustration (Image credit: Debby Hudson)

Do you know all kinds of painting brushes? We will explain to you, in detail all about the brushes, starting with the parts of the brush, types of the brushes, how to add paint to them. Then we will explain the different techniques and how to use them in paintings correctly. If you read carefully, maybe you find our hidden “shortcuts” that are used also by skilled artists. All can be found in one place and for free, just read the All about Brushes and Brushwork Techniques.

All about the Colors in Painting

Colored artist brushes
Painting with the right colors – illustration (Image credit: Anna Kolosyuk)

Starting with how to mix the colors on the pallet, choosing the right color tone for the objects, or even what type of color you want to use for the painting may be difficult without knowing the basics. If you are creating something new, use the right colors and color combinations that represent the feeling you want to express. We have prepared for you more tips in the Article All about the Colors.

Using the Perspective in Painting

Perspective in painting
Perspective in painting (Image credit: Anika Huizinga)

Size, proportion, place, and shape. We will explain this and more as you need it to make your paintings look like pros. Boost your skills so quickly like never imagined. Find all about the right perspective and best choices for your painting will be covered in Painting Perspective not only for Beginners. Let’s imagine, that you will be able to paint any object from any point of view. It is not so hard once you understand the principles.

Understanding Composition

Light and darks in colors
Understanding composition (Image credit: Elena Mozhvilo)

Think about the way your eyes work when they scan over a scene, they’ll find one thing that catches their attention. After a split second of looking at the object, they’ll move on to study something else. But, in a given place or scene, there will be one object that they continually look at over and over again. The fact is, any kind of contrast will attract your eye. Therefore you need to How to Understand the Compositions.

The Best Finishing Techniques

Finishing the paintings
Finishing the paintings (Image credit: Birmingham Museums Trust)

It’s a good idea to stop before you are completely finished, turn the painting to the wall or go away for a few hours, and see how it looks when you come back. Then you’ll be looking at it with fresh eyes. Looking at the picture in the mirror helps too. It’s also very helpful to get feedback from someone who has not seen the picture yet. Learn how to identify what is missing or what needs to be improved in The Best Finishing Techniques.

Monetize your Painting Online

Make money online title
Make money with painting art online illustration, (Image credit: REX WAY)

Now you are beginner, advanced, or pro-Artist. This guide is for everyone that wants to make a passive income with the art online. Actually, it is simple, you need just to follow all our steps described in the section Art Like Business. We will teach you how to start from scratch, don’t waste time with methods that are not working, be smart, use only the verified. Additionally, we will share with you the secrets behind the scenes. Still not interested? Ask the Artists that already making money by this method and join our community for free!!!

The advanced Artist Tips and Tricks