Clever Mushroom Drawing guide and ideas

All kinds of objects may be drawn with various styles, mushroom drawing is simple if you know how to do it the right way. Learn it in the guide below and check the bonus ideas.

Tutorial – Mushroom Drawing

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a beautiful mushroom drawing. When we are talking about the mushrooms, everyone imagines the “red cap” fungus with white “leg”, therefore we have chosen it as an example. Although it seems hard to draw for someone, it is one of the easiest shapes. Of course, depends on the technique you will chose. The objects that are commonly added are plants, small animals, insects, it is placed frequently in nature, or as an object of fable stories.


Let’s choose the type of mushroom and drawing style you want to use. If you are struggling, find more about drawing styles here. We have chosen the realistic view of more mushrooms, placed in nature, and drawing with a pencil.

mushroom drawing tutorial
Drawing mushrooms tutorial


Place the floating mushroom caps ovals on the paper, don’t worry much about the placement and shape. The lines don’t need to be smooth and do not draw it with strength, achieve it by choosing the right pencil grip. It is up to you, how many ovals you make. In the end, you can add small insects or grass to fill empty places.

mushroom drawing tutorial
Drawing mushrooms – step 2


Continue with the stages of mushroom drawing. Start in the middle of ovals, and continue to the base. Like in the previous step, draw very light and smooth. The stages aren’t mostly straight, and little curves make nice effects on the perspective and shapes. Check also guide about the perspective in drawing.

mushroom drawing tutorial
Drawing mushrooms – step 3


End add the details on op of the curved lines, use eraser if needed. use your creativity, but remember, less is more if you have a feeling that there is a lot of blank space, add some details later on. For now, there is a need just to use the basic shapes.

mushroom drawing tutorial
Drawing mushrooms – step 4


Now add dots, lines on the cap, and of course, don’t forget the ring. Do not make it to density, especially when you have in plan to add small animals, insects, or other details. there should be some space also between the objects. It will make it easier to add lights and shadows after all.

mushroom drawing tutorial
Drawing mushrooms – step 5


Use the finishing techniques, erase unnecessary lines, harden shapes if needed. Then add first details like small grass, and finish the cap by adding as many lines as possible. Make the ending of lines a little fading.

mushroom drawing tutorial
Drawing mushrooms – step 6


Add shadows and fill the colors. It is up to you. If you wish, let the mushroom drawing be black & white or add some colors with the right techniques. The shadows should go from top to bottom. Choose the right angle of light. this will make the whole picture look more realistic. If you wish, strengthen the outlines one more time.

mushroom drawing tutorial
Drawing mushrooms – step 7

Try to experiment with other types of fungus or even other objects. Tutorials and tips of all kinds can be found on this page and for free. If you are interested in drawing or painting, we strongly recommend you bookmark this page and go through all topics. In the end, we promise, you will be better like before and not only that, we will show you also how to sell your art online and make living with it.

Thanks to Stepan Ayvazyan from for helping us with this tutorial.