Email marketing title
Email marketing title

Email List Marketing

Learn how to Avoid Mistakes that every Email Marketing does.

Here you will learn how to use email marketing the right way. First of all, do not try to sell your stuff in emails. Think about the right content and create automated emails. We will teach you also the best practices of how to create your mailing lists below. Examples and free templates are part of the articles below. Not only that, the step-by-step guides of how to create an email list are also part of this universal guide.

Don’t underestimate this part, it will increase your earnings up to 3 times if you do it the right way.

But before you start, make sure that you are prepared and you have a Webpage and the right traffic. We have covered both topics in Create your Website, SEO For Artist, and Art Marketing Guide.

Now come back to the Email Marketing guide … Why should you even do that? Yes, this is the right question. And the answer is, the best customer is the returning customer. Moderate results with email marketing are 0,5x – 1x increase in sales (conversions). But we will focus on the right method and not on moderate and increase it up to 3x. Sounds good, right? The main “secret” is to build something more important than your sales with your customers… What is it?

There are many relevant methods, but not all have good results. To do email marketing the right way, learn about the main methods. Then we will teach you the … or you know what? Find it out in the articles below or END IN SPAM. The choice is up to you.

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Examples and Guides can be found below:

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