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Drawing lessons, (Image credit: Eugen Aschenbrenner)

First of all, start with the basics and learn the easiest and fastest drawing methods, we will teach you using different techniques, or just find the technique that suits you and master it! Then you can easily monetize it online. This guide will help you to start or improve your skills. The results will come sooner than you are thinking! Bookmark or subscribe for the latest posts.

The artist’s journey starts with the desire to express themselves through drawing and art. In fact, they can express themselves better than they do with words. Drawing comes naturally for them.

The themes below are a must for beginners, also contain a lot of useful advanced tips. In every theme are mentioned the “shortcuts” that are not included in most guides. Enjoy our free content.

  1. How to Hold the Pencil
  2. All about the lines
  3. What are the Perspectives
  4. Use the Basic Shapes
  5. Light, Shadows and Shading
  6. The Best Finishing Techniques
  7. Coloring Magic in the Gray World
  8. Monetize your Artwork like Nothing
  9. The advanced Artist Tips and Tricks

The methods below are for total beginners also for advanced artists.

Start now and check our free tutorials below:

How to Hold the Pencil

Drawing lessons title image
Drawing lessons on how to hold a pencil, (Image credit: Ahmad Ossayli)

Start with Basics and learn how to hold the pencil. There are more grips you could use but the most common are:

Tripod Grip or Brush Grip, Underhand Grip, and Overhand Grip. We recommend mastering it, especially at the beginning, so you create the best holding technique. This makes your drawing much accurate and your hands will not have muscle cramps at all. Another benefit is to keep the pencil sharper for longer.

See the detailed instructions on How to Master the Pencil Grip.

About the Lines

Drawing lines types
Drawing lines types examples, (SELLARTIS)

After you have learned how to hold the pencil, you need to understand how the lines work. There are Flat Horizontal and Vertical Lines, Accent Lines, Contour Lines, Scumble/Scribbling, Cross Hatch Line, Smudge, and Pointillism. Don’t worry it is not hard and you don’t need to learn every style. Just pick up the one or two that are fitting to you. If you need help, learn more in our free article How to Draw Lines.

Basic Perspectives in Drawing

Perspectives in drawing
Perspectives in drawing illustration, (Image credit: Dan DeAlmeida)

The perspective is important to have more realistic images. Drawing the faces or other objects from more perspectives brings your drawing skills to another level. Mastering this skill is not simple, but using it will impress others really easily. Some artists are just playing with perspectives and are not good at other drawing techniques. To learn about the Linear, from Zero to Three Point Perspective, Isometric, and Atmospheric perspectives is really important, you may just pick one or play with various combinations. Everything can be found for free in How to use Perspectives in Drawing.

Drawing the Basic Shapes

Basic shapes for drawing
Basic shapes for drawing illustration, (Image credit: Анна)

Do you know what are all basic shapes? Creating the basic shapes will help you to create drawings. The idea is to break down the object into more basic shapes. But remember to not make it dark, since it serves only as an outline. Therefore, we recommend making the outline light so you could erase it in case of need. Basic shapes do not have to be the perfect or equilateral triangle, a perfect square, or a perfect circle. Just use it when needed, to learn how exactly you should use the basic shapes, visit our guide of Drawing the Basic Shapes.

Light, Shadows and Shading

Drawing, shading light and shadows
Drawing, shading light, and shadows illustration, (Image credit: Shimaa Essam)

We have decided to put all 3 topics together because the techniques are similar and could be described much quicker. We have also promised to teach you some shortcuts, and they can be found in Drawing Shadows and Light. Learn also different shading techniques, all about light and tones. Do you know all the techniques? We don’t think so.

The Best Finishing Techniques

Finishing drawings with erasers and dusting
Finishing drawings with erasers and dusting, (Image credit: Trace Baker)

Finished with feeling that there is something missing? The funny part of the creative work is that erasing makes it better. Erasing and Dusting is common practice. If you have in your drawing visible helping outlines, take the best eraser, it may ruin the whole effort, so be careful with it. To learn how and when you should use the correct techniques visit the How to Finish your Drawings. You will find there also some bonuses and advice that will save you money. All is for free, enjoy our content.

The Coloring Magic in the Gray World

Colored pencil drawing
Colored pencil drawing illustration, (Image credit: Mackenzie Ruszkowski)

Tired of monochromatic effects? Add life to your drawings with colors! Using color or watercolor pencils is the best practice, you can add shades, improve aesthetics, hide errors or just improve overall looking. It is completely up to you. The ultimate free guide of how and when to use both types of pencils is described in Add life to your Drawings with color. This is my favorite part, as coloring makes really fun!

Monetize your Artwork like nothing

Make money online title
Make money with art online illustration, (Image credit: REX WAY)

Now you are beginner, advanced, or pro-Artist. This guide is for everyone that wants to make a passive income with the art online. Actually, it is simple, you need just to follow all our steps described in the section Art Like Business. We will teach you how to start from scratch, don’t waste time with methods that are not working, be smart, use only the verified. Additionally, we will share with you the secrets behind the scenes. Still not interested? Ask the Artists that already making money by this method and join our community for free!!!

Find the advanced tips for Drawing below: