Artist tittle
Artist tittle

Become an Artist

Start creating Art like pro Artist in minutes and for free !!!

Let’s start with the truth, that is what others mostly “forget” to mention.

First, to start being an artist and sell it online you don’t need to be even a moderate Artist to have success in selling art online. But keep in mind, quality sells, and if you want to create a passive income, create valuable content, people will come back and buy more stuff.

Second, it will take a lot of work, don’t fall under the promises like make money with copy-paste, etc. It is not ethical, mostly also not legal and in the end, you will make nothing, compared to the valuable content.

Third, when you like any kind of art, then the creative work makes you happier and it makes fun. Actually, creating something valuable may take only minutes.

Four, everything you need to think about, is to start … don’t worry, we will go through the whole process step by step … and it is completely free.

To start creating, we recommend you to check our free courses and training, where you will quickly learn any kind of mentioned art below. Or, if you are an advanced artist, search in our posts for inspiration and advanced tips or techniques. You don’t have to buy anything, there is enough free stuff here.

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If you are already an content creator

Already have your own stunning portfolio? If the answer is yes, then you maybe want to skip this part and continue in your journey of being an independent creator with a huge passive income. Then we recommend you to start right away with the section Selling Art Online.
Selling art online

Tittle Image – How to Become an Artist (Image credit: Eddy Klaus)

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