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Artist Booster
Artist Booster, (Image credit: Chang Duong)

The best way how to improve you as an artist is to ask for feedback. Who gives you the chance to ask the professionals that were on the same path as you? Don’t hesitate and ask now. You will find here only friendly people that are willing to help you, no haters or trolls like on social networks.

If you are not ready, go back to our training and free tips and find the inspiration there. Don’t forget to bookmark this page as the content is for free and valuable.

How To Start?

Beginner Artist

Fill out our form and after a quick review, we will publish your content on the page of Featured Artists. The artist in our network will give you feedback. If the art is not yet ready for sharing on our page, we will give you suggestions and useful help, so don’t hesitate to contact us anytime !!! The tip is to ask the right questions.

Advanced and Pro Artist

If you are looking for cooperation and partnership, please fill the contact form below. The benefit will be on both sites in form of the backlinks and shared traffic. Please be as specific and describe in detail your questions or intent, and we will try to reply to you as soon as possible. We are happy to welcome so valuable artists like you to our network.

    The reply comes as soon, as one of our editors or “Partner in Art” will review your form. If you are willing to join us, please send another form with the subject “Request to join Sellartis”, and tell us something about you and why you would like to join us. 🙂