About Us

What is Sellartis about?

Sellartis is a website for artists, dreamers, and doers. We bring you all the modern lifestyle information you need to live your best life. It’s an adventure, it’s supposed to be fun!

Can I write an article for Sellartis?

Yes, you could do that, in order to share valuable content and of course for backlinks. Just follow the rules:

NEVER copy the articles from other sites. We are checking the plagiarism. If the article is posted on another page add the link and prove the ownership. We will do the exception for search engines to not compete with your SEO on that page.

Articles need to create value for our readers – women, men, and everything else out there. Be helpful!

Submit the submission form. And we can start the partnership. 🙂

Why don’t you allow comments?

Simple, SPAM, Toxicity. We would like to avoid that. If you like that, go search to Facebook. 🙂

Do you want to write articles for us?

It is possible, you can submit through this form or e-mail us directly at admin@sellartis.com with the subject “Request to join Sellartis.”

Does Sellartis site contain affiliate links?

Yes, just the verified and recommended by other artists.